Sunday, December 6, 2009

D.A.R.E. to dream.

Fashion aspiration - achieved. The reasoning behind this lofty goal may have more to do with irony rather than an affirmation of their mission statement, but, I mean, come on; where does the “violence” come from? There’s no “V” in “D.A.R.E.” And you know no one’s eatin’ their kids eyeballs after a solid bong rip. No matter how bad their munchies.

Yes, I support the green movement; but I’m no dummy, my stumping stops there. Please, Drug Abuse Resistance Educators, keep on keepin’ kids off the hard stuff - that shit’s nuts. Bananas. BONKERS. However, I D - O - Double Dogg DARE you to inhale some perspective, some irrefutable scientific facts, and focus on the really vile, completely artificial, problem substances.

And I’ll do my part. I’ll plead with any child who asks about my shirt, beg them not to lose themselves to meth. I already forwent a plastic bag on my way out of Buffalo Exchange, choosing to juggle the stack of new purchases in exchange for a token I could use to prompt their donation of $0.05 to one of the three charities with whom they are affiliated.

I tossed my virtual nickel to the battle against illiteracy. Our public school systems are another story, of course, but to begin - how else are they going to know to ask about my shirt? Riiight?

Clearly I’m still thinkin’. Points, proved. All of ‘em.