Monday, August 16, 2010

You know how everyone else knows I'm gay, now? 1:3

On my family vacation in WIsconsin, last week, I took both my credit and debit cards and all of the cash I had previously withdrawn. Every - spare - coin. My V.I.P card for the Factory, West Hollywood's hottest Friday night dance spot, however...

THAT I left behind in the safety of my quadruple locked bungalow.

Had I lost my wallet, I wouldn't have been able to gas up my car or put food in my mouth, this week, much less pay to check my bag on the flight home, yesterday. Come the weekend, though, I'd have no trouble securing free access to all the Lady GaGa, B.o.B, and Beyonce a boi could ever hope for. I'll bet I could even caress a few biceps and flirt my way to inebriation, too.

"...You really need to rethink your priorities," I can imagine my mother saying after a long pause.

Don't tell her, but in this instance:

She would be right.

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