Saturday, August 7, 2010

You know how everyone else knows that I'm gay now? 1:3

"I think I made out with that guy in your photo," I wrote in a Facebook message to my friend, a couple weeks ago. "Does his name start with a 'd'? HA! 'Does his name start with a 'd'?'"

Eesh, I tugged at my collar, grimacing exaggeratedly to myself.

"You know you're gay when..."

"Haha! Yes," he confirmed, quickly. "That's my friend Doug. And you did indeed make out with him a few months back. :)"

Douuug - I nodded at my computer screen. Okay. That's right. Oops!

What can I say? This is Los Angeles. I meet a lot of people. I can't be expected to remember everyone.

Even if we did taste the inside of each other's mouths.

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